Write something unique about this website. Who is it for? What are the subjects we will usually post about?

In a world where everyone is looking at pictures, it’s very important to produce perfect ones to be published. However, there are times when we are not in the mood to take good pictures or maybe we are sick or going through something at that moment. The answer to this dilemma is to have a good photo editing software and photo editor to enhance your images and make you look lively and more appealing to people.
I created this blog to build a community of people who are passionate about editing pictures and would like to learn about new techniques. The posts that you will find here will all be about Adobe and their photo editing software. Occasionally, you will find how to guides and maybe you will find something that you didn’t know before.
I also want to learn new things from the fellow editors that read my blog and my comments section is open for that. Please feel free to contact me or ask me questions whether it’s about my posts or it’s about adobe products or editing techniques. We can also share filters and plugins that we normally use in our editing job to make it more interactive.
To tell you something about me, I edit pictures for a living (should be obvious by now) and I love my job! It gives me the freedom to express myself by editing photos and it enhances my creativity. I want to be better at my job and I hope to meet more friends through this blog.