Recurve Bows that Look Good in Photos

Archery is one of the coolest sports to be created and it is becoming increasingly popular today. People of all ages—including children—are getting hooked to the sport because of its many health benefits. The Hunger Games seem to have a lot of influence on this. Another reason why this sport is gaining popularity is because archers take good photographs if they have a good form.

Many photographers go to archery classes or competitions just to take pictures of archers as their subject. This is because there are many great angles to choose from once an archer starts with his shooting stance and photographers love it. Whether you are just starting out or you are already a professional archer, you will look even better in pictures if you have a good looking bow.

Consider the bow as your accessory in the photos that are taken of you and accessories exist to make you look even better. There are a lot of bows that are available in the market today that will surely make you look like you already are a hunting professional—even if you aren’t.

The Martin Saber Recurve Bow

Ask anyone that loves archery and they will instantly tell you that the Martin Saber is the best Recurve bow when it comes to looks and performance. The Martin Saber extends up to 64” in length and up to 55 pounds of draw weight for a perfect game experience and good looking pictures. You can even take this bow out to go hunting but it will only work well in open fields.

Another advantage of this bow is that it has the Vibration Vortex technology that reduces vibrations as well as noise that the bow makes when you use it. It also has a V grip that makes it comfortable for you to draw and shoot your arrows. The Martin Saber is also made by professionals and won’t splinter that easily. If you take care of them, it can last forever.

PSE Blackhawk Bow

This is a very beautiful bow and it will remind you of the elves in Tolkien’s The Lord of The Rings. This bow will definitely make you look epic in every picture that you take—but that’s not all. The PSE Blackhawk is also very durable for its low price. The riser is made of laminated hardwood and it comes with a shelf that is close to the hand which makes it ideal for shooting practices.

The BlackHawk comes in many different draw weights in 5 pounds increments from 30 to 50 pounds. Archers love the 45 pound version because you can feel the energy transfer from the string to your arrow. You also can’t mistake this bow as a weak one because at full draw, it can take down a deer and an elk even from as far as 30 yards.

Bear Archery Grizzly Recurve

Aside from this bow’s great looks, it also has the most amazing versatility compared to other recurve bows in the market today. This bow can be used for target shooting, forest hunting, 3D shooting and many more. For its materials, its riser and limbs are made with Northern Hardwood and fiberglass which makes a very durable combination of materials. The bow is coated with a satin-like gloss to protect it from different weather conditions or from getting scratches. You will also find the shelf amazing because it is cushioned with bear hair to give you the best arrow stability.

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