Why Photo Editors Prefer Air conditioned Rooms

photo editorYou might think that photo editors have the best jobs in the world because they just have to sit in front of a computer and edit pictures. However, you have to take into consideration that they have to sit in front of their computers for hours, days or even weeks. There are times when they don’t even eat when they are chasing a deadline and no one can tell how high their stress level can get.

Aside from fast food and late night coffee, most photo editors demand an air conditioned workplace. It doesn’t really matter if they work from home or from an office, an air conditioned work environment can help photo editors do their job better and more efficiently. Since increased productivity is never bad, here are the reasons why every photo editor loves an air conditioned room.


Sitting in front of your computer for hours is not an easy task especially if you have tons of pictures to edit and you have to meet a deadline. Imagine having to do this during the summer when it’s scorching hot even in the evenings and you will know why photo editors need an air conditioned room to work in. It’s also proven that if you are comfortable while doing your job, you will have increased productivity and you will have the drive to do more work in the future.

To Protect the Equipment

Photo editors use high end computers to do their editing job. These equipment get hot pretty fast and are in need of air conditioning to prolong their lifespan. Most of these editors do not turn off their computers for weeks until they finish a project and a computer overheating from too much use is not out of the question. If you have an air conditioned room, it can help the equipment perform better and get rid of possible overheating problems. You will also find that overtime the cost of the air conditioned room is way lower than what you would have to shell out if your equipment are always damaged by overheating. Learn more about the different air conditioners available in the market.

Can Double as Sleeping Quarters

Have you ever had that moment when you’re so tired and you don’t even want to get up? Yes, that’s what photo editors feel like after weeks of not getting much sleep. This is also the reason why they want to sleep whenever they can and that includes the place where they work. There are countries that even revere people who sleep on their jobs because they say that it’s a sign of being hard working. Well, if your editors tend to sleep on their job a lot but are still finishing projects, you should at least give them an air conditioned room to slumber in. Or, you could use a portable AC so you can transfer it from one room to another.

Stress Reliever

If you commute to work, you will surely understand that it’s not a pleasant experience to ride the train or walk for miles under the heat of the sun. Your salvation will lie on a cold working environment where you can relax and release stress. What won’t help is a hot office that will only make your day worse.

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